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Internet resources - pronunciation

IELTS Speaking Test: Passport to English

IELTS Speaking Test: Passport to English is a very good modelling and analysis of the pronunciation of students answering questions in an IELTS interview situation. Use the other links on the Australia Network learning English site to practise listening to Australian English. (opens an external site)

BBC World Service

The BBC World Service has excellent videos, recordings and quizzes to help you learn about and practise English pronunciation. There are tips for learning about and improving pronunciation as a communication skill in British English. Access the BBC World Services information on:
Better Speaking - (opens an external site)
Pronunciation Tips - (opens an external site)

Sounds of American English

This is a great website from the University of Iowa with audio and dynamic diagrams showing the pronunciation of English sounds: (opens an external site)

Vowels of the International Phonetic Alphabet

Another excellent site from Liz Sandler with 3 dimensional dynamic models showing the pronunciation of vowels: (opens an external site)

American English Pronunciation Practice

A good website for practising pairs of problem sounds (e.g. /l/ and /r/), final consonants and consonant cluster's: (opens an external site)

There are also links to YouTube videos on pronunciation. It is pat of the Interesting things for ESL students site.

Sounds of English

An easy to use reference from the British Council and BBC with quizzes to help you learn the phonetic alphabet, British English: (opens an external site)

Pronouncing dictionary

You can use this Cambridge Learner's Dictionary to check stress and sounds of English words: (opens an external site)