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What pronunciation features are most important to you depends very much on how you, as an individual, speak. Whatever features you need to work on, it's important to understand that the voice is a powerful communication tool.

Pronouncing English well will help you to communicate your meaning clearly and confidently and to achieve positive results in your academic speaking encounters.

Key pronunciation features which will help you to communicate your meaning effectively include:

Do I need to focus on pronunciation?

Here are what some students say. Do any of the statements apply to you?

" I think I... / some people tell me I...

  • speak too fast
  • can be difficult to understand
  • say words incorrectly
  • speak with a strong accent
  • hesitate too much when I'm speaking".

"I've noticed that people...

  • often ask me to repeat myself
  • look puzzled or confused when I'm speaking
  • misinterpret what I say
  • seem impatient or distracted when I'm speaking to them".

If you recognise yourself in most or all of these descriptions, then you need to pay attention to your pronunciation. Find out ways to practise your pronunciation.

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