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Eligibility criteria

Most students at UTS are eligible to undertake a Global Exchange. Nursing students are unable to undertake exchange due to the program requirements to meet New South Wales professional standards for registration.

The average academic mark for most faculties is 60 (The Law Faculty require and an average academic mark of 65).

Additional academic criteria include:

  1. Where a subject is graded but unmarked, an average mark will be calculated. 'Pass-Not Graded' subjects are not used.
  2. Fail - no more than 10% of subjects can be recorded as 'Fail' on your academic transcript.
  3. Postgraduate students - you will be assessed on the average mark from your UTS postgraduate course.
  4. Only marks in your current UTS degree are included in your average. All marks are counted including the marks for the semester in which your application is due.

International Students

International students can apply for exchange but you will have to make sure you fulfil the Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requirements. For up-to-date advice, visit the DIBP website (opens an external site).

You will also need to ensure that you comply with the visa conditions relating to your studies as UTS as an international student. If you are unsure about this, email

International students are not able to undertake a Global Exchange to their home country. This is because Global Exchange is designed to help you experience new cultures.

Insearch Students

Students transferring to UTS from Insearch are eligible to lodge an application for exchange during their first semester of study at UTS.

For example, a student who studied at Insearch in 2010 could submit an exchange application during autumn 2011 for the next available study period which would be in autumn 2012. This is subject to other degree timing requirements. Please refer to additional requirements on appropriate timing.