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Student loans

As a current UTS student you may be eligible for an interest free student loan from UTS.

A student loan is usually for up to $500. These loans are not available for assistance with university fees.

To receive a student loan, applicants must demonstrate a genuine need to borrow money related to their studies.

About student loans

  • Student loans are available for bills, rent, one-off living expenses and other costs, such as medical costs.
  • Interest is not charged.
  • This program cannot lend money for fees, cars or computers. There is a 'computer access program' for students who meet the eligibility criteria.
  • The usual maximum amount available is $500.
  • Documents which confirm the need for a student loan must be provided with your application, e.g. bills, notifications of debt, Centrelink documents, rent documents or lease agreements specifying bond details
  • Documents which confirm your income, such as an income statement or pay slips, must be provided with this application
  • Repayment details are negotiated during the loan interview. All loans must be repaid by the date agreed upon in the Student Loan Contract, or the student must negotiate a loan extension before that date.
  • A default on a student loan repayment may incur a University sanction. To avoid a sanction please apply for an official Loan Extension.
  • All loans are legally binding.

Eligibility for a student loan

Applicants must be currently enrolled at UTS and not on Leave of Absence or facing Exclusion. Non-award students Insearch students are not eligible for loans.

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How to apply

  1. You may download the student loan application  (PDF 142Kb) from the internet or collect it from Student Services Unit.
  2. Make an appointment with a financial Aassistance officer.
  3. Complete loan form prior to interview (it takes about 20 mins).
  4. Bring your student card, bank details and supporting documents to the interview.

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Loan approval

Most applicants are informed at the interview if their application is successful or not.

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Repayment arrangements are discussed and made with the Student Services Unit at the interview.

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Loan extensions

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to make a repayment, you must make an appointment with a financial assistance officer to discuss your situation. Please take a completed loan extension form (PDF 29Kb) with you to your appointment.

You will not be able to re-enrol unless your repayments are up to date, or extensions have been granted.

If you default on your loan the University can impose the following sanctions:

  • block your access to UTS Computer systems
  • withhold your results
  • refuse re-enrolment for the next semester
  • not allow you to graduate

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External loans

If you need to borrow a larger amount, you may wish to seek a loan from a financial institution. Credit Unions and banks offer loans of various terms and types of loans, including possible deferred payments options.

View and compare personal loans currently advertised on the market.

Check the interest rates and repayment arrangements carefully.

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