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Career survival in tough economic times

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Ten Top Tips

Ten Top Tips is a series of audio files that provides students with the core information on a variety of careers topics.

You should not rely solely on the information in the audio files- access more information from the Careers Service website or by visiting the Careers service.

Careers Fair tips

Get ahead of the crowd by finding out what you can do to make a great impression at the UTS Careers Fair!
Download (mp3, 7.6MB, 8:17 mins) | Transcript

Career Planning

In this audio file you will be asked to reflect on your interests, skills, motivation, values and personal style and how these might influence your career planning. You will also hear more about practical tips.
Download (mp3, 5.9MB, 6:24 mins) | Transcript

Graduate Resume

In this audio file we will examine ten top tips to ensure that your resume gives a good first impression and ultimately, leads to an interview.
Download (mp3, 8.1MB, 8:49 mins) | Transcript

Preparing for interviews

Interviews can be a daunting experience. Use the tips here to better prepare and perform at an interview.
Download (mp3, 7.8MB, 8:28 mins) | Transcript

Behaviour based interviews

Behaviour Based Interviews are common place in graduate recruitment. Why do employers use them (BBI) and how do you answer questions of this type? The tips we have can help you make a STAR of yourself.
Download (mp3, 8MB, 8:41 mins) | Transcript

How to differentiate yourself in an interview

Your interview should show your potential employer both your academic and non-academic skills and achievements. These tips will help you to prepare answers which will differentiate you as an applicant and demonstrate to the employer that you're capable of successfully performing the role you are applying for.
Download (mp3, 7.3MB, 7:56 mins) | Transcript

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