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Early degree plans

You may like to consider the following suggestions in order to maximise your time at university:

  • Settle in to study and ensure that you iron out any problems early in the course. There is plenty of free assistance available from your Faculty staff and Student Services, which includes career consulting, personal counselling and U-pass programs. HELPS can assist with academic writing and communication needs. Tutors are also available through the Student Association.
  • Connect with other students by joining one or more clubs and societies to build your interpersonal and communication skills. Try to find a good balance between study, leisure activities and work if you are currently working. Employers like to see engagement in all three areas on your resume.
  • Find a part time job to build up understanding of the workplace and gain referees. Most graduates are expected to have some work experience listed on their resume at the completion of their studies. Volunteering is also regarded favourably.
  • Draft a resume using the resume information on our website and have it checked.
  • Explore career options for your area of study to find out what you may want to do with your degree.
  • Engage in some reflective self assessment to start to build a professional profile of interests, skills and values. These underpin career decision making and will help you identify the work or job you want to do.
  • Visit the Careers Service on level 3 of the Tower building next to the Concourse Café to familiarise yourself with the resources available for reference or to take away.
  • Choose a major or electives for your degree if required. Use the self assessment to help you or career consulting if you need further assistance.