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In March 2010, the University of Technology, Sydney launched  StudentJobs@UTS. A unique program, offering exceptional benefits to both staff and students and the first of its kind in Australia.

The StudentJobs@UTS initiative, managed by the Careers Service allows students to register their interest in casual or part-time work available on campus and contributes to overall UTS objectives regarding employability and development of graduate attributes.  This online registration allows students to create a detailed employment profile including previous work history, industry experience, current availability and job interest.  


Dr. David van Reyk, School of Medical and Molecular Sciences

"Thanks to your help with searching the StudentJobs@UTS Database, I was able to identify more than six candidates for my Research Assistant position. Of those, five responded and of those three were then available for interview. The successful candidate accepted the position as of yesterday. I greatly appreciate the help you provided and I have passed on my gratitude to the coordinator of the First Year Experience program.

What’s in it for me? As a UTS student, this provides you with more opportunities to gain work experience, earn income while working and studying in a flexible, safe environment and provide you with skills and experience to enhance your work readiness and employability in a tight and competitive labour market. 

How does it work? UTS Hiring Managers will search the StudentJobs@UTS database and view profiles when they need to fill a part-time or casual role on short notice or for jobs that are of short duration.  The StudentJobs@UTS database will match the specific search criteria and provide a list of potential candidates for the role.  If your skill set is suitable, the Hiring Managers will contact you directly, so please make sure your contact details are correct and updated when needed.

How long will it take? Your profile should only take a few minutes to complete and key to your success will be building a detailed profile, showcasing your experience and abilities.  Your profile will be viewed by UTS employers and like any application it must be a true and accurate reflection of your skills and competencies.  

All personal information provided by you remains confidential and may only be viewed by UTS staff for the purpose of filling vacant positions on campus.  


Casual Employment

Casual employees are normally engaged by the hour and paid on an hourly basis. They are paid a loading to compensate for the fact that they are not eligible for the same benefits as continuing and some fixed-term employees. Casual appointments are typically used: when work is irregular with no fixed starting or finishing time; to enable the University to meet short-term or specific workforce needs; or to enable the appointment of industrial practitioners or eminent external academics. For more information go to Casual Appointments

It is important to remember the work is normally irregular, may involve working on different days of the week and can be on an on-call basis. Loadings are paid to compensate for not being a permanent employee.

Fixed Term Employment

Fixed-term employment is employment for a limited period. Fixed-term employees may be full-time or part-time, academic or support staff. At the end of a fixed-term appointment period, the employee is no longer employed by the University and any further employment would involve a new contract of employment. Specific details on conditions of employment for fixed-term employees can be found here.


UTS staff please visit this page for information on StudentJobs@UTS.