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Resume content

Here you will find information and examples of what to include in the various sections of your resume:

The order of the sections may vary depending on the stage of your career and the relevance of the information to the position you are seeking. As a new graduate you are likely to put Education before Employment, but as an experienced graduate or postgraduate, a summary of your skills and experience on the first page is more likely to engage the employer.

Put yourself in the position of the employer who has certain criteria in mind related to a position and ask yourself the question.

Personal and contact details

Use your name and contact details to form the heading of page one. In Australia you do not need to include gender, age, marital status, health, height or weight, citizenship or anything that could discriminate against you. However you may include any of these if it will benefit your application. Photos are not commonly used.


Anthony Graduate

123 Norton Road Ashfield. NSW 2345
Tel: 9287 3785 Mobile: 0412 995 335


  • Date of birth is commonly included for recent graduates
  • Visa status may be included to clarify eligibility for FT work