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Resumes and applications

An application for a position typically consists of a cover letter and a resume. For some graduate roles with large organisations you will often be required to complete an online application form and may or may not have to attach a resume and or cover letter. Public sector positions commonly require a separate document which specifically addresses selection criteria and this is included with the cover letter and resume.   It is important for advertised positions that you provide all the documents that the employer requests. However up to 70% of positions are never advertised. Some of these are obtained by sending speculative applications to an employer of choice for an unadvertised position in the hope that a position may become available.

Whatever the role, it is critical that you, as the job applicant, do your research to identify what employers look for generally but more specifically that you provide evidence for the relevant skills required by a specific employer for a specific position.

How you communicate with the employer is also very important. Initial impressions count! Be sure you use the correct email etiquette and check that your voice mail greeting reflects a professional tone.

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